"In the Night" - Live looping improv (Feat. Peter Kronreif)
Kami MaltzDecember 29, 201900:03:04

"In the Night" - Live looping improv (Feat. Peter Kronreif)

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My last video of 2019!
I have many short loop ideas, or parts and bits of songs that I keep chewing on for months, (or even years); some of them ended up as full songs, some still might, and some will remain on my "voice memos" app and will never see the light of day.
One day Peter and I were jamming and I played him this one that I named "In the Night". (I wrote it back in September 2018, would listen to it occasionally, think it's cool, and move on). He really liked it and suggested we improvise on it, and this is the result!
We had a general structure (I make the loop, drum intro, etc) but all the rest is pure improvisation, which is something I normally don't do.
Do I need to keep working on it and make it into a "full song"? Or is it "finished" and I just need to let it exist the way it is? Let me know what you think!

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Pedals: Boss RC-20XL, Harmony Singer 2 (TC Helicon)
Recorded and mixed on Ableton live.


In the night
I can't stop thinking
About you
I toss and turn
I look around
And it's not you

I swear that I'm not dreaming,
Someone else is --
Sleeping in my bed

It's not you
The one I want
It's not you
My heart cries
It's not you,
The one I love
It's not you,
Please no more lies

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