The Book of Love - Magnetic Fields Cover (How I Loop)
Kami MaltzMarch 07, 202000:04:49

The Book of Love - Magnetic Fields Cover (How I Loop)

The Book of Love - Magnetic Fields Cover (How I Loop)
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My take on Magnetic Field's epic song, inspired somewhat by Peter Gabriel's version of it on his (also epic, I highly recommend) record "Scratch My Back".
A colleague of mine saw my "Guns" (by Coldplay) video and said he wished I also filmed the part I lay down the loops for the verses/choruses. So it gave me the idea of trying to use titles to explain how my mind works as I loop and what exactly I'm doing each time.
I especially enjoy performing this song live, since each time it's fun to see people's faces go from - "why is she humming?" into - "oh, she's looping!"

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