How I Make Coffee (Looping and Moka pot sounds only)
Kami MaltzDecember 25, 202000:02:06

How I Make Coffee (Looping and Moka pot sounds only)

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Happy holidays y’all! Hope you’re having a cosy day, even if this years holidays are weird and you can’t celebrate with your family and friends.

If you know me personally, (and I am aware that most of you here do not) you probably are aware to the fact that I am what my friends call "a coffee snob".
To the point that when I travel places the coffee shops are what many times guide me - if there's a good, local spot with good reviews - that's where I'll be.
And the flip side of that - if I'm on the road and the only option is Starbucks, even if I slept 4 hours - it's a no go. no coffee for me.

My one rule was this - I don't make it at home. because if I started - I'd never stop.
Well, I know this is probably boring to hear at this point, but as we all agree, 2020 wasn't a great year, and with so many pleasures taken away, coffee became one of my few comforts, my happy-place in the mornings. And I started making it at home, with locally roasted, fair trade beans.

For this video, I decided to go the other way around - first, I shot it, and only then I came up with the music. (normally it's the other way around).
To make that even more challenging - I decided, to only be using my voice and body and/or Moka Pot sounds. no instruments.

Full disclosure: I wish this was a paid ad, or a paid partnership, but nope. Just showing you how I like to make it and the tools I use.
And yes, I know the blade I’m using is not the best. I’m just using what I got anyway for the time being.

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