You've Got a Friend - Carole King cover (feat. Rosemary Minkler)
Kami MaltzMay 20, 202000:04:44

You've Got a Friend - Carole King cover (feat. Rosemary Minkler)

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I asked Rosemary if she'd be willing to shoot this song with me at the beginning of February, but we never quite found the right time. We kept saying - "no rush, we'll make it happen" and of course little did we know, that we would be self-isolating and in different countries so shortly after.
It's funny how I chose this song for us back then with a different intention in mind, (of celebrating friendship and women in music) and how fitting it is in a different sense - to the world today.
With so many musicians stuck at home, shows and tours being canceled, I think "ecollabs" are going to represent these months when we'll look back at the beginning of 2020. Don't you think?

Don't forget to call your friends and/or family during these times! even if they seem fine and/or keep posting on social media (or however they chose to communicate with you), we all could use a check up once in a while. We need each other more than ever. (cheesy, I know, but true).

This one’s for my mom.

Mixed in Ableton live 10
Edited on Final Cut Pro
(by yours truly)

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You've Got a Friend - Carole King Cover (Feat. Rosemary Minkler)
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