The Nearness of You - Feat. Rosemary Minkler
Kami MaltzOctober 09, 202100:03:36

The Nearness of You - Feat. Rosemary Minkler


I visited Rosemary at her new place/home studio in CT! We spent the day together - had coffee in a little local cafe in the city centre, walked around, grabbed some food and caught up.
A couple hours before I took the train back, we thought, "should we shoot something?" and tried to come up with a song idea we can nail in a short matter of time.

We both knew this tune; although a standard from the 30's, I was mostly familiar with Norah Jones's version of it from the early 2000's.
Back then I had a few records I really loved (the CD player was right by my bed) and "Come Away with Me" was my bedtime go-to. ("Light as a Feather" by Chick Corea was my morning one).
Since we both knew the tune pretty well - we decided to go for it, no fancy setup - just us enjoying the fact that we can make music in the same room again. :)

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