"Emptiness" (A Time Capsule)
Kami MaltzJune 06, 202000:00:51

"Emptiness" (A Time Capsule)

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A walk through Prospect Park and the area, during the pandemic. filmed mid March 2020.
Dedicated to the many that had to die alone, isolated from their families and loved ones.

Strange to walk alone by an empty school, an empty park (as night falls); normally these places would be flowing with people.
As I walked around, I just filmed a little bit with my phone, so that I can remember. I wish I had filmed more - maybe with my camera. But it was really just a spontaneous walk and I didn't have this video in mind yet.
Music by me; started with a short loop idea, let myself sing on top of it. I guess this is how eeriness and worry sounds like in my head.
Try listening one time with your eyes closed.
What do you see?

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