You've Got a Friend in Me - Randy Newman cover (Feat. Sebastien Ammann)
Kami MaltzSeptember 04, 202100:02:31

You've Got a Friend in Me - Randy Newman cover (Feat. Sebastien Ammann)


The story behind this video begins in 2018, when I became friends with my next door neighbor in Brooklyn.

After crossing each other's paths on our way in-and-out from our building, smiling shyly at each other - she came knocking on my door one Saturday afternoon, suggesting we go grab a drink later. I said yes, of course.
We quickly became friends; had spontaneous meals together, coffee walks in the mornings, watching movies together at the end of the in the wintery nights.
But this where it gets really great -- I was scheming to introduce her to one of my friend/colleagues - Sebastien Ammann.
It took me a few attempts to get the two of them to be at the same place and time - without knowing that they are being set up. But after a few months and tries, I found the perfect timing.

Long story short, these two lovebirds are now married, living together (saying gbye to my next door neighbor was a bittersweet feeling!) and recently had a sweet baby boy (!) - that I just got to meet and hold in my hands.
Can you imagine the feeling?!

We picked a song that captures friendship through life + a jazzy feel, and also something that we can play for the little baby boy. This one's for you guys. ♡

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