You Can Close Your Eyes - James Taylor & Joni Mitchell Cover (Feat. Josh Turner)
Kami MaltzApril 11, 202000:02:48

You Can Close Your Eyes - James Taylor & Joni Mitchell Cover (Feat. Josh Turner)

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You Can Close Your Eyes (James Taylor & Joni Mitchell Cover)

I've always loved JT and JM's live recording of this song, (if you don't know it, check this version out - and wanted to cover it with Josh since we started working on our "Josh and Kami play Joni" show (that we live streamed in September 2018).
Recently, we finally found the time to make it happen. (this was filmed of course, before the pandemic).
It was a little more challenging to nail than I expected; I kept messing up the lyrics at the very last bit of the song - which caused me to crack up and ruin a couple takes. But we had a good time. :)
(Join my Patreon to gain access to the bloopers/behind the scenes video! I think it's quite funny).
Thanks Josh for brining your gear and making this video look and sound great!
I hope you enjoy, and stay safe!

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