What If - Sylvan Esso Cover
Kami MaltzDecember 05, 202100:01:41

What If - Sylvan Esso Cover

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This video creation was spontaneous - and turned out to be quit dramatic - unintentionally.
I took my camera on my birthday trip (last month) to potentially get some interesting footage, not planing on anything specific.
A few days after returning home this Sylvan Esso song came up in my mind, and I thought it might work with the footage I had.

Most of it didn’t make the cut, except the ones I took at the bonfire, (and small other snippets) which creates this witch-hunting atmosphere, contrasting the original peaceful version - while Amelia is swimming peacefully in the big ocean, my floating head is singing emotionless through burning flames.
But somehow, I realized - the two videos do relate;
they are representing 2 out of the 4 elements, and I'd say fire would be the perfect opposite of water.

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