To Let A Good Thing Die - Bruno Major (Autoharp Cover)
Kami MaltzDecember 31, 202100:02:35

To Let A Good Thing Die - Bruno Major (Autoharp Cover)


Goodbye 2021, and a happy new year to all of us!
Thanks for supporting and listening through another year.

I was cleaning or cooking and had music in the background when this song came up in a playlist a few weeks ago. It's main hook - "sometimes it's time to let a good thing die" - immediately caught my attention, and made me stop whatever I was doing and listen back to it.
It made me feel this deep, heavy-in-my-body sadness of letting somone/a part of you go.
But sometimes, it really is the time to let a good thing die, even if it's hard.
Although I had the usual temptation to add extra harmonies, I decided to keep it simple (like in the original version) - which feels very exposing, but also appropriate to the song and its mood.

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