The Steps - HAIM cover (feat. Josh Turner)
Kami MaltzJuly 24, 202100:04:16

The Steps - HAIM cover (feat. Josh Turner)


"Women in Music Pt. III" came out during the pandemic, and whenever I needed a boost of energy, or when I was feeling low - I played the entire thang, sang and danced to it. It was my pick-me-up record, especially this song. A big part of this year has been about finding new powers and strength, and doing it on my own.
I was really looking forward to reconnect with Josh, and got pretty excited when he agreed to collaborate on this not-so-obvious song selection of mine. Plus, it's falsetto Josh! :)
If you haven't seen it, check out the other duet we recorded on his channel:

Engineering, mixing and evil-twin-invisible-bass-playing - Josh Turner
Autoharp, vocals and video editing - yours truly.

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