"The Most Beautiful Things" - Daniela Spector Cover | כל הדברים היפים באמת
Kami MaltzMarch 27, 202000:04:02

"The Most Beautiful Things" - Daniela Spector Cover | כל הדברים היפים באמת

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In these difficult times when we can't know when "social distancing" won't be a thing anymore, I miss my family and community more than ever. Just a couple weeks ago we all sat together, close to each other, played music. (though my cousin pushed me away at the beginning, haha)

This take isn't perfect, we did it on the fly without really practicing and my voice was feeling weird and weak for a few weeks (Covid-19? you can see me struggle here and there!)
But it reminds me of things and moments I now miss dearly.
So even with the vocal imperfections, wind noises, a little mistake here and there... I still decided to share it with you.
This song was written by Daniela Spector, a fellow songwriter and a friend in Israel. the lyrics are rather short but beautiful;
"The most beautiful things, reveal themselves, in their own, slow, inconsiderate pace."

I hope you are all staying as safe as possible, and to the ones who are with their families - please give them a big (elbow) hug.

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"The Most Beautiful Things" (Daniela Spector Cover) כל הדברים היפים באמת

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