Light On - Maggie Rogers (Acoustic autoharp cover)
Kami MaltzMarch 25, 202300:04:17

Light On - Maggie Rogers (Acoustic autoharp cover)


Maggie Rogers has been a big inspiration for me in the past years, (about to see her this year!) and I've been waiting for the right moment to create my own take on her song "Light On"

I won't go into detail, but if you've noticed my absence it's because the political situation in Israel. I've never been very vocal about it on my YouTube channel - but I can't remain silent this time.
Democracy in Israel is in great danger - where it might go in a direction that cannot be overturned.
If there's anything you can do to join the fight - protest, support an organization that fights the cause, or even just educate yourselves (or other people around you) on the subject - I encourage you to do so.

My single "It's Just Your Heart" available everywhere:
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