Lay Your Head Down (Keren Ann Cover)
Kami MaltzApril 25, 202000:03:21

Lay Your Head Down (Keren Ann Cover)

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As a teenager I was very much hooked up on two Keren Ann songs: "Not Going Anywhere" and "Seventeen". (Fun fact: when I moved to NYC I met her through mutual friends, hung out with her a couple times, and let me tell you, she's super cool!)

A few weeks ago, (while on my 15 days of quarantine), one of my good friends and I were video chatting and somehow got to talk about folk-rock songs in the 2000s. She started singing "Lay your head down..." I didn't know that one!
We got off the phone, I listened to the song, and sent her a short voice memo of me trying it out. Her response came shortly after - "yep honey, this song was made for you to cover..."
I hope we can lay our heads down on someone these days, even if it's just metaphorically.
This one's for Ella.

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Lay Your Head Down (Keren Ann Cover)

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