Kami Maltz - Girl At The Park (Live session)
Kami MaltzJanuary 05, 201300:04:45

Kami Maltz - Girl At The Park (Live session)

New EP “Perfectly the Same” available now on all platforms: https://fanlink.to/KamiEP

This is a one-shot, no amplifiers, no sound effects, no editing.

Video & Sound - Zohar Ralt
Written & performed by - Kami Maltz
Baritone Sax. - Eden Bareket

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I was running and running
I was fast as the wind
my hair blown by
grandfather was chasing me
I looked behind and laughed
I was free

A woman passed me by
riding her bike
she smiled at me
and I smiled back
I am free

The water so calmed and beautiful
sun is setting down
I can hear the sound
of it all
I don't fear anything

Can't go back to these times
so at least I'm the woman on these bikes
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