I see the Sun - Kami Maltz (by Patricia Johnston)
Kami MaltzSeptember 08, 202000:01:20

I see the Sun - Kami Maltz (by Patricia Johnston)

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When I was a little kid my uncle got me this cassette from Paris (that was paired with a book) - with simple songs in English, so that I would start learning at an early age.
Something about the classy melody and the stars "smiling just for me" made it stand out; I still remember it, even after 20 somethin' years, and it still gives me a good, soothing feeling, so I decided to give it a new look and arrangement.
(Always wanted to become the Cheshire Cat - shout out to my sis for helping me mask my head/room!)
As far as I'm aware this was was written by Patricia Johnston, let me know if you have any other info about the origin of this one!

Recorded and edited on Ableton Live and Final Cut Pro by yours truly.

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I see the Sun - Kami Maltz (by Patricia Johnston)
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