Hey Girl, 2020 - Kami Maltz (Original)
Kami MaltzNovember 07, 202000:03:24

Hey Girl, 2020 - Kami Maltz (Original)

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I sat down and thought which cover I could do the month of October to follow "No Surprises", and this old tune of mine kept coming up in my head. (I wrote it on a birthday a while back, and I just celebrated last week).
"But you already recorded it, there's the 2014 EP version, and there's the Tiny Desk Contests video!" a little voice in my head shouted at me.
But over the last 6-7 years since it was written, performing it probably a hundred times (or more) - things gradually shifted, changed and took new shape.
The melody changed a bit, the form, my phrasing... something that normally happens with songs that you write and perform live many times.
So it's the same song, but it is not exactly the same arrangement, and I have changed, too.
Hope you like it!

Audio recorded and edited on Ableton Live, (vocals and ukulele recorded live first, then added the backing vocals).
Video was edited on Final Cut Pro.

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Hey girl, don't cry
it's your birthday today
dry those tears
it's the only way
I know it hurts to say goodbye
you must spread your wings
and fly

You'll be alone
and sometimes afraid
away from home
and your old friends
that's the path for you now
you must grow if not now -
you will never know

Oh, how I plea
to find a new me
how hard can it be?
walking away
turning my back
going from light to dark

Hey girl, don't cry
it's your birthday today
shed those tears
it's the only way
I know it hurts to say goodbye
you must spread you wings
and fly

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