Fake Empire - The National (Autoharp cover)
Kami MaltzJuly 24, 202200:02:56

Fake Empire - The National (Autoharp cover)

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Before you criticize my bass skills, please take into consideration that I had one day to get familiar with it and shoot the video - before I had to return it to its owner. (I wish it was mine!)

I only came across "Boxer" this last April, and immediately loved the 4/3 cross-rhythm on this one.
It's a rather simple chord progression, but it's rhythmically unusual, especially in rock/pop music these days.
instead of having the bass pulsate the 3/3 like in the original version, I decided to use the second layer of Autoharp strumming to create that unique texture.
Hope you enjoy it!

Dedicated to Elisheva, 18.7.22.

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